A Sales Pipeline & CRM for Freelancers & Agencies

Keep track of projects in your pipeline, and know when payments are coming

sales crm for freelancers
Track Project Expenses

Track Everything

Project Reports for Freelancers

Essential Reports

Simple Sales Management Software

Simple to Use

Invoices & Expenses

Invoices & Expenses

Freelancer Customer Relationship Management

Earn More Money

Project Pipeline helps you track potential leads you get so that you can follow up with prospects. It also helps you track incoming payments and outgoing expenses. So no money is ever left on the table.

Visualize Project Workload

Visualize Your Workload

You know you are busy right now, but what about next month? Project Pipeline helps you know when you can take on more work, and when you need to be careful what you promise.

Sales Forecasting Software

Forecast the Future

It helps to know what the coming months would look like with the projects in your current pipeline. Get a good picture of what that could look like between potential, quoted, and approved projects.

Freelancer Invoicing

Learn From the Past

You'll always been able to look back at the last months and years to figure out patterns in your workload and totals for projects and clients.

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